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Social Group – Branch of Hope Therapy

Social Group

Branching Out social group meets once per month to engage in learning and practicing of social skills within a safe, understanding, and skilled environment.
Susan Murphy, certified Special Education teacher, will be leading these groups. Susan has taught children with Special Needs for 6 years in public and private schools.  She also has experience teaching Special Needs Vacation Bible School and Sunday School classes.
About once every few months, Branching Out meets at a location in the community to practice using social skills in the community.

Branching Out Mission
To provide a small, safe, structured inclusive group social training program led by trained and experienced professionals for the Crossroads Area to train individuals with weaknesses in social skills.

Goal of Branching Out
To train those with a need to improve social skills, resulting from a neurological condition, so that they can learn and apply functional social skills (described in detail below) within small groups and also in community activities with familiar and unfamiliar peers.
For more information about the skills that we target during Branching Out sessions, click here.