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About Us – Branch of Hope Therapy

About Us

About Branch of hope

Potts Speech Pathology & Associates, P.C. d/b/a Branch of Hope Children’s Therapy Center was founded in June 2009 by Chris and Meredith Potts.  Meredith had worked in the public and charter school systems, private clinics, home health, long term care, adult inpatient rehabilitation, adult outpatient rehabilitation and a long term acute care hospital.
While private practice was not something Meredith had seriously considered, God had other plans.  Potts Speech Pathology was created to provide a level of service for speech-language pathology for children and families that truly put the child’s needs first.  Each year, Potts Speech Pathology has grown.  During all stages of growth, we have strived to add like-minded members to our professional team and to maintain a family and service oriented environment for each child and family that we are blessed to serve.
We are very excited at Branch of Hope that we will be expanding in later summer 2014 to include occupational therapy services.  Stay tuned for more details about our growth in 2016!


Branch of Hope provides high-quality, speech-language and occupational therapy services for children in Victoria and the surrounding areas.  Our trained, experiences staff treat a full range of disabilities, including:

  • Developmental Delays in speech, language, fine motor, and sensory development
  • Articulation disorders such as apraxia, oral motor disorders, phonological disorders or speech delays
  • Impairments in pragmatic language and various social skills associated with various types of Autism, including Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Fine motor skills affecting handwriting, balance and dressing skills.
  • Impairments in spelling, reading, and writing for school-aged children.

These disabilities may be the results of a neurological medical diagnosis or may be a developmental delay.  Despite the cause, if your child has difficulty with one of these skills, talk to your child’s doctor about an evaluation, or call us to help answer your questions.  The earlier these impairments are treated, better and faster results are achieved.
We believe that every child has the potential to learn and grow.  We focus on the strengths in each child.  Since no one knows a child better than the parents, we encourage and promote parental input and emphasize the importance of a partnership with the family when setting goals and working toward optimal outcomes.  With creative, child-focused sessions, individually tailored to the needs and interests of each child, we work with each family to reach goals.
In working with children, our philosophy is to provide therapy in a manner that is consistent with developmental research and progression.  This is specifically relevant to treating children with language disorders. We believe that those with severe language disorders need to be trained to communicate functionally.  In other words, we feel that a child who is not able to speak but is able to understand what is said to them should be given access to a novel methods of communication. Through creative therapy,  technology, and parent training, we use our clinical judgment and knowledge to provide therapy to all of our patients so that they have the opportunity to learn “functional communication”.
If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.